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Starting Jan. 2nd our team practices start.  Typically on Friday and Sunday  evenings (a more comprehensive schedule can be found under your TeamSnap Team Account).  The majority of tournaments are played on Sundays, but we are open to Saturdays depending on player and tournament availability (these will be updated in TeamSnap once the tournaments have been registered).  Coaches are Players/Coaches from the Peru State College volleyball program, many of which these player are Education majors with interests in pursuing coaching.    Our CBVC Director is usually in the gym on Fridays nights to help with the skills session and then floats around the courts.  

The Winter Season starts early in January, and runs towards the end of March.  The season consists of four-one day tournaments in the Lincoln/Omaha area. 

The full cost of Code Blue Volleyball Club is just $350.  We are a non-profit which means the club dues cover the costs for uniform, the cost of coaches pay, and tournament registrations.   

There is an additional fee to register your daughter to the USAV/Great Plains Region which is required to participate in tournaments.  

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Skills Training

Building the better player through Repetition and Exposure.  On Fridays, for Code Blue Player , there is opportunity for growth through skill focused sessions that are geared to teach the basics on different disciplines, the more you know the more useful you are.  This is not a mandatory activity and last approximately 30 minutes. 

Team Store

A link below will be displayed once season is started.

In an attempt to provide excellent service we utilize our local Design Shop.  Auburn Design Shop is available to size before you order.  They are located at 826 Central Ave, Auburn, NE 68305.

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It all starts with dedication: a dedication to the process, a dedication to grow in a team, a dedication to practice and improvement, but most importantly, a dedication to compete.

At CODE BLUE VOLLEYBALL CLUB we emphasis Repetition and Exposure.  We look to provide a staff of quality coaches who know what it takes to play at the next level.  Promoting the work ethic needed to succeed and developing the desire to make your athlete feel their improvement after each training session then before they came in.

Training on the college campus of Peru State College, our facilities provide an environment geared towards to the future. Whether you’re a novice looking to grow your skills or you are looking for that edge to your game that will help level the playing field, reach your potential with CODE BLUE VOLLEYBALL CLUB.

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